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Delivery of goods

Choose the most convenient delivery method for you:

Home delivery of ordered goods throughout Lithuania:

  1. You will be informed about the estimated delivery time of the shipment with the ordered goods and the shipment number by SMS in the evening before the delivery of the shipment.
  2. On the day of delivery, you will be informed about the delivery time of the shipment by call, SMS or e-mail. by mail.
  3. Having chosen the payment method in cash, have the exact amount of cash specified in your order at the time of delivery


Pickup of ordered goods at Pickup parcel points (you can see the full list of Pickup parcel points here >>):

  1. When ordering goods on the website www.tauroproline.com, select the shipping point where you want to pick up the order. (Please note that shipments can only be picked up during the specified opening hours)
  2. When your shipment is delivered to the Pickup shipment point, you will be notified by SMS.
  3. You can pick up the goods from the Pickup delivery point within 7 calendar days during the specified business hours.
  4. The maximum weight of the consignment is 20 kg. If the shipment weighs more, the system will automatically offer you another delivery method.

Important: when picking up a shipment, you must have an identity document (passport, identity card, new driver's license) at the Pickup shipment point, as the goods are only returned to the consignee indicated on the package of the shipment. If you notice a packaging violation upon receipt of the shipment, immediately notify the courier who delivered the shipment or the employee of the Pickup parcel point and ask them to write a report on the packaging damage. Upon acceptance of the ordered goods and signing of the consignment document without comments, the consignment is considered to have been delivered in order.  


Delivery time:
Goods are delivered within 2-4 working days * (delivery time may increase due to increased parcel flows) from the time of placing the order (delivery time may be extended during special promotions), if the buyer does not specify another delivery date, which can be chosen when ordering the item is in the seller's warehouse. Goods are delivered within the above deadline only when the seller receives payment for the goods, unless the buyer pays for the purchased goods in cash at the time of delivery of the goods.
In the event that the ordered goods are not in the seller's warehouse and the seller cannot receive the goods ordered by the buyer, he shall immediately inform the buyer and as soon as possible, but not later than 30 calendar days from the day he learned or should not know goods, refunds the amounts paid to the buyer.
In the event that the ordered goods are not in the seller's warehouse, but the seller can receive the goods ordered by the buyer, the seller, upon receipt of the order, informs the buyer and indicates the deadline within which the goods will be delivered. In this case, the term of delivery of the goods may not exceed 30 days from the date of concluding the contract of sale.
Before delivering the goods, the courier contacts the buyer according to the contact details provided by the buyer and agrees on the delivery time of the goods. Goods are delivered on weekdays until 4 p.m.