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HIPPIE PET reusable diapers for males

Reusable diapers for males – a quick and convenient solution that prevents the pet from urinating at home. In bright colors, cheerful design multiple nappies will not only serve as an effective tool, but will also looknuo-sharp!

Reliable protection

Suitable for non-urinary or sensitive pets. Also for males who tend to mark the territory.


Can be washed more than 300 times, so you protect nature with these diapers.

Skills development

Perfect fororder-free puppies.

Easier travel and less inconvenience

Prevents trouble during long trips. Helps to avoid worries and inconveniences if you can't bringyour pet outside in time.

Excellent composition and easy to use

Made of 100% polyester, PU polyurethane laminate and microfiber. Easy todo – fastened with adhesive tapes.

Additional information. Washing is recommendedin the washing machine in high temperature water, it is advisable to use the additional rinsing function. Do not use softeners and bleaches during washing. Can be dried in a dryer or in a natural way.

Do not iron with an screed.


Design - Watermelons.

Dimensions : L (for large breeds of dogs) – waist circumference: 50.8-63.5 cm.

Composition : made of 100% polyester, PU polyurethane laminate and microfiber.

11,99 €
Delivery time 6-8 weeks

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