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Shernbao Smart Mini Clipper

Small wireless clipper for cutting small and hard-to-reach pet fur areas, such as feet, muzzle

This clipper will be ideal for professional use in veterinary clinics, animal hairdressers, care schools, and kennels.

The easy and easy-to-operate car will also please the most demanding.

Extremely light, compact, and suitable for small and detailed work:

  • This clipper is extremely easy. She weighs just 98 g.
  • This clipper is designed to trim the fur in small areas.
  • It will be perfect for cutting the bellies, anus, face, neck and other, hard-to-reach and diligence-demanding places.

High-performance battery

The machine has a high-performance lithium-ion battery. It takes 1.5 hours to charge the clipper and it will be able to work for the same amount of time.

A smart LCD display shows:

  • remaining clipping time with current battery charge
  • clipper charging level

High-quality stainless steel knives and 6 thin blades

  • The car is equipped with safe Japanese stainless steel knives. They are extremely hard, sharp, and durable.
  • thin blades. They are only 0.25 mm in size, which is a great choice when you need special diligence and detail

A quiet lying car will not disturb your pet:

  • This clipper has a quieter operation.
  • Its noise emission level is only 42 dB.

Long-lasting engine

  • The engine switcher is made of gold-palladium.
  • This means that this engine lasts longer than conventional engines.


Noise level: 42 dB.

Battery – lithium-ion battery.

The car is charging.

Weight : 98 g.

Dimensions– 8.5 x 6.5 x 8.5

The blade size of the knife is 0,25 mm.

Color: black.

Manufacturer: Shernbao, China.


65,99 €
Delivery time 6-8 weeks

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