Ozone bath for pets , with MILK SPA program, IONIC technology

SKU number: OZ6811NF-WB

Tauro Pro Line Massage Ozone Bath with Milk SPA programme and IONIC (Air Ionisation) technology is designed for bathing pets and preventing various coat and skin problems. Tauro Pro Line Ozone Bath with B.O.B technology – a revolutionary approach to pet coat and skin care. This bath incorporates ultra - fine nano particles that penetrate the skin and hair follicles, improving coat and skin quality. It helps treat atopic dermatitis and stimulates cell regeneration. It aids in repairing damaged skin and enhances the absorption and effectiveness of cosmetic products.



  • Ozone system
  • Hydro massage
  • Air Ioniser
  • Light theraphy
  • Milk spa
  • Support to healthy skin and coat
  • May help to boost immune system
  • May help to effectiveness of cosmetic products absorption
  • Suitable for both regular care and addressing specific issues

Technical description

  • Colour: White and blue
  • Ozone sterilisation
  • Dimensions: 110 x 68 x 95 cm

Tauro Pro Line is a brand dedicated to a professional approach to pet skin and coat care. Our aim is to provide the most natural and effective care possible, utilising innovative, high-quality equipment. Drawing upon our experience and boundless love for pets, we proudly offer the most effective products designed to simplify the lives of both pet owners and their beloved companions.

Made in China according to special order of Tauro Pro Line.

Product benefits
Ozone-Infused water

Ozone-infused water has a positive effect on both skin and coat and may help to treat skin conditions and relieve allergic reactions. Ozone stimulates collagen production, promoting skin cell regeneration. The ozone-infused water helps sanitize the bathing area, making it a more hygienic environment for both your pet and yourself. 

Ionic (Air Ionisation)

Equipped with an air ionizer that emits positive and negative ions, the bath may help to aid in eliminating heavy metals and toxins from the body. It also can help to prevent inflammation and possesses antibacterial properties.

Milk SPA program

The Milk SPA program offers a nourishing and moisturizing bathing experience for your pets. This technology is based on ultra-fine, nano - particles. Due to their size, the nano bubbles can penetrate deep into the skin pores and hair follicles, removing excess sebum (sebum) and dirt.

Hydro-massage and Light functions

The Pet Massage Ozone Bath features adjustable massage jets that provide a gentle and relaxing hydro-massage experience for your pets. Relaxes your pet's muscles, and reduces stress and anxiety while bathing your pet. Stimulates skin renewal, and improves blood circulation and metabolism. Light therapy improves mood and energy levels and helps your pet enjoy bath treatments. Light therapy can be useful for the prevention of some skin conditions, such as psoriasis and eczema.

  • Ozone system 
  • Hydro massage
  • Air Ioniser
  • Light theraphy
  • Milk spa

Control panel 

The pet spa is equipped with an intuitive control panel that allows you to select the desired bathing program, adjust water temperature, and control the intensity of the massage jets. This bath is designed for both professional use by groomers and kennels, and for pet owners who want to thoroughly care for their pets' coat and skin.