Stand and tube, set for SHD series and 2400T dryer

SKU number: SHEFDS-01

The Tauro Pro Line Rack and Tube set is a durable and convenient accessory for the SHD series and 2400T dryer, designed to facilitate and expedite the coat drying process. The stand is adjustable from 1 to 2 meters and can rotate 360°. The holder for hose nozzles on the dryers is equipped with a plastic handle. This modern stand, pipe set, and compatible dryer are suitable for everyday and professional use. The kit is made using high-quality parts to ensure safety and durability. 



  • It simplifies and accelerates the pet drying process
  • The set includes two different nozzles, ideal for drying both long and short-haired pets

Technical description

  • Height: Adjustable from 1-2 m
  • Rotating: 360°
  • Colour: White

Tauro Pro Line is a brand dedicated to a professional approach to pet skin and coat care. Our aim is to provide the most natural and effective care possible, utilising innovative, high-quality equipment. Drawing upon our experience and boundless love for pets, we proudly offer the most effective products designed to simplify the lives of both pet owners and their beloved companions.

Made in China according to special order of Tauro Pro Line.

Product benefits
Organized storage

A hair dryer rack and tube set provides a dedicated and organized storage solution for your hair dryer, preventing it from cluttering up your grooming salon space or home.

Easy accessibility

By hanging your hair dryer on a rack, it becomes readily accessible whenever you need it. This saves you time and effort.

Prevents damage

Storing your hair dryer in a rack with a tube helps protect it from accidental falls or knocks, reducing the risk of damage and prolonging its lifespan.


Storing your hair dryer on a rack with a tube helps keep it away from surfaces that may accumulate dust or germs, promoting better hygiene.

  • ·Stand

The stand is compact, lightweight, and equipped with wheels for easy relocation. The fixed wheels ensure stability and durability, keeping the stand securely in place. The kit is versatile and can be used at home, exhibitions, or mobile hairdressing salons. 

  • Nozzles for all purposes

The set includes two different nozzles, suitable for drying both long and short-haired pets, for even better results. The flexible hose and different nozzles allow to adjust the strength and concentration of the air jet and adaptation to different coat types.

  • High-quality materials

High-quality hair dryer stand and tubes are made from durable materials like metal and plastic, ensuring they can withstand regular use and provide long-lasting utility.

 *A stand is available as an optional accessory for the dryer. The dryer is not included in the set.