round table for pets

SKU number: TPL63537

The Tauro Pro Line Round Table with a black frame is a wide - purpose lifting table suitable for use in professional pet grooming, veterinary clinics, and kennels. The metal base of the stable and easy-to-operate table is coated with a scratch-resistant powder coating to ensure that it won't wear out, even with long-term use. The table has a 60 cm diameter surface that can rotate 360° around the central axis - particularly convenient for brushing and grooming. The lifting base can be easily adjusted from 70 cm to 120 cm in height.



  • Height adjustable
  • Rotates 360° around a central axis
  • Scratch resistant metal base
  • Ideal for various facilities
  • Safe for your pet

Technical description

  • Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 70 cm
  • Colour: Black

Tauro Pro Line is a brand dedicated to a professional approach to pet skin and coat care. Our aim is to provide the most natural and effective care possible, utilising innovative, high-quality equipment. Drawing upon our experience and boundless love for pets, we proudly offer the most effective products designed to simplify the lives of both pet owners and their beloved companions.

Made in China according to special order of Tauro Pro Line.

Product benefits
Improved accessibility

Grooming tables elevate the pet to a comfortable working height for the groomer, reducing the need to bend over or strain their back. The table can be used in a wide range of animal care facilities: groomer, kennels, and veterinary surgeries.


Safety and security

Grooming tables have safety features such as adjustable grooming arms and security straps. This help to secure the pet in place during the grooming process, reducing the risk of the pet jumping or falling off the table and getting injured.

Less stress for pets

Elevating the pet on a grooming table can be less intimidating for the animal compared to grooming them on the floor or in other unfamiliar environments. The dedicated grooming space can create a calmer atmosphere, leading to reduced stress during grooming sessions.

Hygienic grooming environment

The smooth and easy-to-clean surface of the grooming table ensures a hygienic environment for both the pet and the groomer. After each grooming session, the table can be sanitized quickly, minimizing the risk of cross-contamination.

  • 360° rotating table

The rotating table allows to groom your pet without the need to walk around. The lifting base is user-friendly with a range from 70 cm to 120 cm.

  • Safety and comfort

Sling is attached to the adjustable arm with a clasp to ensure the safety and comfort of your pet during grooming or examination.

  • Metal base

The metal base of the stable and easy-to-operate table is coated with a scratch - resistant powder coating to ensure that it won't wear out, even with long-term use.

  • Suitable for small to medium pets

The sturdy structure and robust materials are designed for a load capacity of up to 100 kg. This grooming table is suitable for most pets from small to medium.