Pet drying machine

SKU number: OZHE-C

The Tauro Pro Line Pet Drying Machine is an essential piece of equipment for professionals in hairdressers and kennels. Time - saving and stress free pet dryer: the pet dryer allows you to bathe several animals simultaneously, saving time and ensuring a smooth workflow. It also prevents your wet pet from getting cold by warming and drying them immediately after bathing. Once the dryer completes its job, simply give your pet's fur a light comb and finish the drying process with ease.



  • The animal is quickly dried
  • Our dryer features a modern UV ozone system, ensuring effective disinfection
  • The animal relaxes and warms up in the dryer

Technical description

  • Ozone sterilisation
  • External dimensions: 105.5 x 65.5 x 93 cm
  • Internal dimensions: 104 x 53 x 70 cm
  • LCD screen
  • Colour: White

Tauro Pro Line is a brand dedicated to a professional approach to pet skin and coat care. Our aim is to provide the most natural and effective care possible, utilising innovative, high-quality equipment. Drawing upon our experience and boundless love for pets, we proudly offer the most effective products designed to simplify the lives of both pet owners and their beloved companions.

Made in China according to special order of Tauro Pro Line.

Product benefits
Efficient and even drying

Pet dryer boxes utilize a combination of warm air and gentle circulation to dry the pet's coat evenly and efficiently. The controlled environment inside the box ensures that the warm air reaches all parts of the pet's body, including hard-to-reach areas, resulting in a more thorough drying process.

Ideal for sensitive pets

Some pets may have sensitive skin or be uncomfortable with direct airflow on their coats. Pet dryer boxes offer a more gentle drying option, making them ideal for pets with skin conditions or those who are sensitive to traditional drying methods. Many pets find the loud noise and forceful airflow of conventional pet dryers distressing. Dryer boxes are generally quieter and use milder airflow, reducing stress and anxiety for the pet during the drying process.

Suitable for all pets

Pet dryer boxes are suitable for pets of all sizes and breeds, from small dogs and cats to larger animals. They can accommodate a wide range of pets, making them a versatile tool for pet owners and groomers alike.

Hygienic drying

The enclosed design of the pet dryer box prevents hair and debris from flying around, which helps maintain a cleaner and more hygienic environment during the drying process. This is particularly beneficial for professional pet groomers, as it keeps their workspaces tidier.

  •  Different temperature settings

The Tauro Pro Line Pet Drying Machine offers five different temperature settings, allowing you to choose the most suitable one for your needs.

  •  Air circulation system

With an advanced air circulation system featuring three blowing speeds, fresh air is constantly circulating inside the dryer, ensuring a comfortable drying process.

  • LCD screen

Operating the dryer is easy with the LCD screen.

  • UV ozone system

The state-of-the-art UV ozone system prevents bacterial growth and provides effective disinfection. With the integrated special filter this dryer it's easy to clean.